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1.Copyright and Intellectual Property

The Site holds all copyright and intellectual properties for all written materials, images, and photography displayed on the Site, except for the materials indicated otherwise. Copyright and intellectual property rights reserved for specific parts of the Site and contents such as professional photography that an author has been verified and displayed.
Should a Site user wish to use any part of the Site material for purpose other than private use and fair use, he/she must contact the office of Kyushu Tourism Promotion Organization prior to its intended use.

2.About the Link

The Site may be linked on any other websites except for those listed below. Should the Site administrator contact the website in question for violation of this policy, the said website must remove the link to the Site displayed on their page.
Website[s] either clearly or possibly conducting illegal activities.
Website[s] violating basic human rights, reputation, and/or privacy of any individual.
Website[s] violating privacy protection of any individual by disclosing his/her financial status.
Website[s] portraying misleading stats, information, and/or contents to its viewers.
Any other website[s] which the Site administration determines is/are inappropriate or unfitting for the content or the reputation of the Site.
The Site link is to be displayed at the top of the page – https://samuraikyushu.jp/

Please fill out the information below and send it to us prior to setting our link on your page.

  • Your site URL:
  • Name of your site owner:
  • Name of your site administrator:
  • Your phone number:
  • Your email address:
  • Date for setting the link:

Please contact us beforehand if you wish to link it on a page other than your top page; the above information must be filled and sent to us along with the URL for the page you wish to embed the link. The administration will contact you as we conduct our evaluation. In the meantime, please refrain from listing our link on your webpage.

We will send you a reply only when we decide to reject your request. Please proceed with your linking process if no further action is taken.
Please observe the follow restrictions for setting the link on your page.
It must be clearly displayed on your page that the link is to direct the user to our Site, not any other. Do not display our page within the frame.

3.System Requirement

Parts of our webpage utilize JavaScript. Page contents may not be viewed or operate properly if/when accessed on a device not JavaScript-compatible. We highly recommend that the user/viewer install and turn necessary program[s] when browsing our Site.
This Site is compatible for Internet Explorer 9.0 or newer, Firefox newest version, Opera newest version.

4.Copyright and Trademark

All copyright and trademark rights reserved for the rightful owner[s] of the content[s]. No copywrite infringement intended while the name of a particular individual, group, entity, business, service, and/or product, is mentioned on our Site.


We do our best to ensure accuracy in presenting the right information on our Site; however, we cannot be held legally responsible for the action[s] of the viewer of the Site beyond what is presented on the Site.
We are not legally responsible for damage[s] viewer[s] may claim is/are caused by the use of our website.
Any and all information as well as URLs are subject to change or expire at any given time. Please be advised.
Any and all contents displayed on the Site are subject to expire or dissolve at any given time for reasons such as site maintenance. Please be advised.


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