The Ancient Ruins of Akizuki Part 1
The Ancient Ruins of Akizuki Part 1

The Ancient Ruins of Akizuki Part 1

Welcome to Akizuki Town

With its beautiful surroundings near the remaining castle ruins, the locals of Akizuki town refer to this area as“Ancient Little Kyoto.” You will get to walk on the exact same routes that the Samurais of Akizuki town did and also see any remaining buildings that were inhabited by Samurais. If you are looking for an interactive, hands on way to enjoy learning about life as a Samurai in Japan, Akizuki town is the place to visit on your next stay in Kyushu.

  • by Giovanni Perez

  • I have been traveling all around Tohoku for about 5 years, taking photos and connecting with the locals. My next adventure is to learn about how to become a samurai in Kyushu!

Table of Contents

  1. 1. Akizuki Ikeda Soba & Kimono Shop
  2. 10min. Walk
  3. 2. Akizuki Castle Ruins
  4. 8min. Walk
  5. 3. Historical Tashiro Family House 6min. Walk
  6. 6min. Walk
  7. 4. Akizuki Ikeda Soba & Kimono Shop
  8. 2min. Walk
  9. 5. “Kudzu No Hana” Tea House
  10. 3min. Walk
  11. 6. Traditional Style Japanese Paper

Kimono & Traditional Japanese Food

Ikeda Soba and Kimono Shop

When visiting the Kyushu area, make sure you set a day aside to explore Fukuoka-ken’s historical Akizuki town. Filled with history dating back to when samurais roamed freely, experience life as it were before the meiji era. A definite must stop is Ikeda Soba & Kimono Shop. Dress up in a Japanese traditional Kimono by an expert and roam around Akizuki town where you'd be sure to find a variety of exciting areas to see.

After you finish exploring Akizuki, you will be hungry for a popular dish in Japan called Soba. Made from buckwheat this is the healthiest noodle you can have in all of Japan. Best of all, the soba noodles are made in house, making it a more authentic taste to please everyone’s palate. What makes this whole visit even better are the owners. The Tanaka’s make you feel like family as soon as you enter their shop!

Attraction Akizuki Ikeda Soba & Kimono Shop
Location 574 Akizuki, Asakura City, Fukuoka Prefecture 838-0001
Operating Hours 11:00~17:00 | Kimono rental is until 16:00
Closed Tuesdays
Phone 080-5270-7555

Akizuki Castle Grounds

Town Exploration

After getting dressed in fine kimono, explore Akizuki and see over 400 years of history right before your eyes. The Akizuki Clan was well known throughout much of Fukuoka-ken for its brave samurais that fought to keep their rulership from being overthrown by the new laws of the meiji period.

Akizuki Castle was destroyed but the remaining wooden samurai’s sleeping quarters were turned into a junior high school and a government office. A row of old style Japanese houses along with trees lining the road outside of the castle remains creates a perfect serene spot to take a nice stroll.

Attraction Akizuki Castle Ruins
Location 663 Akizuki Notori , Asakura City, Fukouka Prefecture 838-0011
Operating Hours 24hrs
Closed N/A
Phone 0946-24-6758 (Asakura City Board of Tourism)
URL (Japanese Site)

Samurai Stay - Experience The Life of a Samurai

Tashiro Family House

Stay in what used to be the home of the Samurai Tashiro and find yourself surrounded by intriguing corridors and astounding architecture. Each room was intricately built to provide the perfect amount of cool wind to pass through during the Summer. Not only will you sleep like a Samurai, you will also eat a traditional Japanese-style dish similar to what Tashiro and his family ate. Before calling it a night, learn how to properly drink Japanese tea in their specially built tea room overlooking a beautiful blooming garden.

Attraction Historical Tashiro Family House
Location 180-1 Akizuki, Asakura City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Operating Hours Upon Reservation
Closed N/A
Phone 0946-24-6758 (Asakura City Board of Tourism)

“Kudzu No Hana” - Local Town Tea house

Relax and Sip

With all that exploring you will for sure need to take a tea break at “Kudzu No Hana” Tea House. Wth a spacious traditional design sipping tea here is sure to soothe your heart into tranquility. Whether you come by yourself or with a large group “Kudzu No Hana” accommodates all guest with delicious tea made from Kudzu, a Japanese arrowroot plant, that goes down smooth and relaxes the body. Along with tea, there is also a souvenir shop located at the front.

Attraction “Kudzu No Hana” Tea House
Location 532 Akizuki, Asakura City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Operating Hours 8:00~17:00
Closed N/A
Phone 0946-25-0215
URL site)

Akizuki Japanese Paper

Create Your Own Paper

Paper made by hands these days are hard to come by. With technology and the demand for more paper than ever, it is easy to forget how paper was made before. Back during the heydays of Akizuki there use to be over 20 different type of paper making companies. After many test through time there only stands one left. Just by spending time with the master and trying your hand at Japanese paper making, it is easy to understand why this shop still stands.

With a cheerful owner who is always willing to go the extra mile, the complex process of Japanese paper becomes a fun and exciting experience. After you make your very own Japanese paper, you can keep it and take it home as a memorable token. The shop also sells various sizes of different already made papers for purchase.

Attraction Traditional Style Japanese Paper
Location 424-2 Akizuki, Asakura City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Operating Hours 10:00~17:00
Closed Tuesdays
Phone 0946-25-0517

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